About All Island German Shepherd K-9 Services

Ike - Dog Trained German ShepherdYou Want A BIG BEAUTIFUL GERMAN SHEPHERD? You're in the right place! 100% GERMAN - GERMAN SHEPHERD (STRAIT BACKS - WITHOUT A SLOPED BACK)

My mother's family lived in Germany. My mother and I went to Germany every year to see my Grandparents. There was a German Shepherd dog that lived next door from my Grandparents. His name was "Atlas". When I was 6 yrs old, the dog and I went for a walk in the farm fields. I did not see him when he ate something poisonous, he died the next morning. It was my first time ever experiencing death. I loved this dog so much. Now I made it my life long dream to go back to Germany and get a German Shepherd and bring him back to America. I did this with "Ike". The experience owning a BIG BEAUTIFUL German Shepherd dog is wonderful.

I went to Germany and brought back a large male German Shepherd. I loved him. He had a great background and a funny personality. His name was "Ike". I got a large, young working German Female  from a friend that owns K-9 Search & Detection, Inc. Her name was "Heidi Sr." My Male from Boru - Trained German ShepherdGermany "Ike" and the Female working dog "Heidi Sr" had pups. I kept one female out of this litter because they were so beautiful. Her name is "Eva". I mated this Female "Eva" I kept with a friend's German Shepherd "Boru". They both had great markings. They had some litters together. I kept 5 Females from their litters. "Minnie, Frieda, Foxy, Heidi Jr. and Gretel".

They are on premises. You can see for yourself how beautiful these animals are.
My dogs are brought up running free on my property. They swim in the pool or salt water. We pen them at night and when people come to see them.... unless the people who come to see them is wearing their dog clothes..LOL. When the weather is too cold or too hot they are brought inside. They are kissed and hugged every day of their lives. They all get along with each other, they sometimes share their pens and dog houses if they don't want to sleep alone. Their temperament is AWESOME!
I can truthfully say that I have NEVER had any problems with my line of German Shepherds. Including - BONE and HIPS! The oldest dog I have on premises is "Eva". "Eva" is now 5 years old. Her parents were "Ike and Heidi Sr". "Ike" and "Heidi Sr." were both put to sleep due to old age. Sadly, they both walked into the veterinarians office the day they were put to sleep about 4 months apart."Ike" was 11 1/2. years old and "Heidi Sr." was about 10 years old.
Eva - German ShepherdMY dogs are going to get very big! My females are 98 to 120 lbs. My males get bigger. These dogs are NOT scrawny. They are Very well maintained. My Female dogs blow most of the Male dogs I saw away in size! My dogs DO NOT have any angulation. Their backs and hind legs are strait. Most GERMAN - German Shepherds do not have angulation.  
Everyone is on premises, Aunts, Uncles, Sisters, Brothers, Grandparents and even Great-Grandparents!
These dogs are extremely intelligent and make great companions! Life long friends!