Long Island Dog Training for all Breeds

Long Island Dog Training for all Breeds on Long IslandAll Island German Shepherd K-9 Services provides dog training to the Long Island Area. We teach the basic commands that are imperative for your dog's safety and the well-being of people and other animals. Commands are important at all times for a variety of reasons. Training your dog is about function, control and prevention. If your dog is well trained, you have the control, your dog functions within its known behavioral boundaries and you can prevent so many undesirable actions in and outside of your home.

A lack of sufficient dog training could lead to:

Total disregard for commands

  • Lack of respect for people and other pets/animals
  • Troubles with housebreaking
  • An escape artist with an inability to walk properly on the leash
  • Constant barking that disrupts the family/neighborhood at all hours of the day
  • Disasters in your yard and destruction of property inside the home
  • Growling Over Food and Toys
  • Snarling, biting... or worse.

Dog Training for all breeds of dogsAll Island German Shepherd K-9 Services provide dog training with the following in mind:

  • A well-trained dog always responds to a command -- not just some of the time or part of the time.
  • A dog that knows the SIT command will not jump inappropriately.
  • A dog that is housebroken is a welcomed additional to any household.
  • A dog that knows how to STAY will not run out the door into traffic.
  • A dog that obeys the HEEL command will not pull you down the street when walking on a leash.
  • A dog that responds to DOWN can enjoy being in the room with you without interfering with your mealtime or guests.
  • A dog that COMES WHEN CALLED is not going to have to be chased.
  • A well-trained dog is not a destructive dog. Destruction is expensive!

Long Island Dog Training for all BreedsAll Island German Shepherd K-9 Services does not endorse the use of verbal or physical abuse when training your dog. Verbal and physical abuse can never be a part of the relationship between you and your dog. Abuse destroys love and trust in dogs as well as in people. A dog can not be trained if he is afraid of your hands, your feet and your voice. A dog will not "come" to you if he is frightened. Your dog's hearing is five-times better than yours. If you are yelling at him and he cowers, but not due to guilt - he is afraid of the sound.

To ensure your new companion is a welcomed addition to your family, we teach you and your dog six basic commands that will help ease your frustration and help your dog better understand you.

All Island German Shepherd K-9 Services teaches the following six commands:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Place - The Place command teaches your dog to go to and stay at a pre-determined "place" within the house. This command is very useful when entertaining or when delivery people are at your door. Environmental issues such as housebreaking, barking, unwanted jumping, and climbing on furniture are also covered.

In-Home Dog Training For All Breeds
Our in-home dog training gives you the ability and flexibility with your own schedule to have us visit you in your own home to train your dog. We provide dog training to the entire Long Island area. Call us today at 631-369-8120 to arrange in-home dog training. 631-369-8120.

All Island German Shepherd K-9 Services is owned and operated by an experienced K-9 handler. We have worked with well-known and nationally recognized K-9 expert Andy Hanellin from “K-9 Search and Detection" and "Dogs by Andy”.  We train dogs for obedience, protection, search and detection. Ask me to train your dog. We train all breeds. 631-369-8120 or visit: www.k9narcotics.com or www.dogsbyandy.com to learn more about our training experience.